Where are you going?

This year our tour is focused on the question “where is the church going?” We need to remember that the church is going where it’s always been going. We are called to the lost, broken and dark places in the world. We are called to disciple the nations. And the church has a glorious and hopeful future!

But for many of us understanding where the church is going, brings up an even harder question, where are you going?


Nearly everyone I talk to today is struggling with where they’re going. With their calling.

This is especially difficult in the millennial generation. My friend Grant Skeldon says that millennials are on the trajectory to have 14 jobs by the age of 40.

We live in a culture that’s never satisfied with staying. Committing. Investing. It’s just not exciting. It looks boring on Instagram.

But what if we’re missing out on the daily callings right in front of us?

The Bible gives us many places to start when we don’t know what to do. It’s not a calling based on new trends or our vocation.

We partnered with YouVersion to write a new 7-day Bible app study to help us find the calling right in front of us. God’s calling is for today. Right now. Let’s dive in!

View it here

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  • Pat mac

    Good words Ryan! You are the narrow path and I’m proud of you and Blake!!

    • ryanromeo

      Thanks Pat!

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