My son Toby is confident. Sometimes a little too confident.

When he is out on tour he owns the place. He skates around the arena with three all access passes (because for some reason one is not enough) and all the security guards quickly learn his name.

But Toby’s main claim to fame is that he is the little boy featured on our OUTCRY logo. This is something that can go to his head. He asks things like, “How many shirts am I on this year Daddy?”

He also likes to do something he calls going “shopping.” Which is basically him going to our merch table and getting free stuff.

One day last year Toby rolled up to the merch table to do just that. But our normal merch guy wasn’t behind the table, and in his place were two nice college girls who were volunteering for us that day. So he confidently asks, “Can I get a hat and a small shirt?” But the girls responded, “Sorry, but we aren’t allowed to do that.” So Toby responds, “Maybe you don’t know, but that is me on that shirt. And my Dad basically runs this place, so can I get a hat and a small shirt?” And they do it! An 8-year-old peer pressuring college students to give him free stuff!

Now, I wasn’t there. Had I been I would have said, “Buddy, that’s not how we act. Jesus said the last would be first and the first would be last…” etc. etc.

But when I got home I was telling my friend Nick on staff at our church. He said, “That’s a beautiful story.” To which I responded, “Hmm…how so?” He said, “Toby knows who his Dad is!”

What if we went through life knowing who our Dad is? I’m not talking about your imperfect earthly dad. I’m talking about the Dad who created you. Who knit you together. Who has good plans for you.

Knowing who your Dad is changes everything.

Maybe you are dreaming about something that seems impossible. Maybe you are facing the impossible. Remember that God’s realm is in the impossible. He lives there. He doesn’t get scared or doubt. He doesn’t second-guess your calling. So neither should you. Walk today in the confidence of who your Dad is!

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