Life has a way of going by too fast. Blink and you miss your kids growing up or your time in college. One day you wake up and realize your light-hearted childhood years are gone and you are left with responsibilities and pressures you never imagined.

That was this year for me.

Touring. Writing a book (more on that soon). Kids growing up under my nose. Between more time on the road and my exponentially-growing to-do list, this year I have had moments where I can barely keep up.

But God has a way of getting me on the other side in miraculous ways.The moments I am so nervous or stressed about, pass by in a blink and I’m left looking back saying “wow God, you came through!” —as if thats uncommon for Him!

This year I have had moments where I needed to pinch myself. OUTCRY is about to hit the road again and I can’t help but have an immense sense of anticipation. He is moving in his Church and I get to see it up-close and personal. Its an amazing privilege to be a part of His story. His movement here on earth.

OUTCRY is just getting started and we will have huge things in the making. So stay tuned!

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